The Love Expert

My daughter is in first grade. She has been obsessively (like I’m going to cook your rabbit) in love with a little boy in her class since they were in preschool three years previous. Devastated when they were separated in Kindergarten, they have been rejoined in first grade and even were assigned to sit next to each other. I always thought this was one sided, that my daughter was just going to pine for this little boy all her life and he was never to return this affection. Lo and behold, he asked her to be her “Valentime” (my daughter’s version of the holiday). She says her friend Payton “the love expert” says this is a BIG deal, like marriage and stuff. It’s cute, I love it. While we spent all of her boyfriend crazy kindergarten days reminding her that it’s best to just be friends with everyone, I have to admit, I like hearing her stories and I think it’s cute. Tommy’s dad and grandfather are or were police officers so I do often feel the need to apologize in advance for the day she tries to climb a tree and sneak into Tommy’s room because that’s how it will happen, I’m sure of it. But it reminded me of this picture from a couple months ago:

I like this boy, he looks infinitely optimistic about life.

I like this boy, he looks infinitely optimistic about life.


Not long after this, my daughter asked me what states were the ones where you can marry women. I asked her why she wanted to know and she said women are just more interesting and she thinks she would rather marry one of them. She’s right about that, women ARE interesting.

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