Selected Works

The New Yorker – Shouts and Murmurs

Awkward Greetings for the Non-Hugger

The Belladonna Comedy

Daily Itinerary: The Bullshit Wonder Woman Deals With as Mental Load-Bearer of the Justice League

This is Not the Face of Anxiety, This is the Emotional Mask of A Multitasking Mastermind

Honest Product Review: Taylor Digital Cooking Probe Thermometer and Timer

 Weekly Humorist

Tony Robbins Presents: “Unleash the Not-So-Risky and Therefore More Employable Power Within” Workshop

Affairs of the State: Love Notes To and From Russia With and Without Love


Creative Wife Disappointed Husband Did Not Pick Up on Hints For Sex

Mom Stops Posting Pictures on Facebook and Ceases to Exist

Robot Butt

How to Make the Sun Shine Out of Your Ass and Other Things That Happen When You Stop Drinking Coffee

Alexa Has A Breaking Point and It’s Your Kid’s Incessant Questions

Tech Help Logs When Your New Employee Is a Reformed But Malfunctioning Misogynistic Manbot

I’m the Darth Vader Coffee Mug on Your Desk With the Lid and You Really Should Wash Me

Points In Case

I’m the Sharp-Toothed Snail Shel Silverstein Warned You About and I’d Like to Set the Record Straight

How to Tell if Your Pain Advocacy Group is Actually Run by the Makers of OxyContin

Sammiches and Pysch Meds

Advice for the Tragically Toxic 4th Grade Male on My Daughter’s School Bus

Women in Comedy Festival Daily

Mom Fails to Produce Letter from Hogwarts, Receives Harsh Email From Daughter’s 11th Birthday



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