Month: September 2016

Reflections on super powers

I go back and forth between enjoying my super powers and wishing I didn’t have them. I assume Superman felt the same way. I mean – just because you CAN save the train dangling from a broken bridge, seems to always mean you HAVE to, even if you’re just not in the mood.

superIn a whirlwind of activity this morning after being up at 2 a.m., 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. with a “threenager” who was being “pulled out of bed by a butterfly” I convinced him to sleep a little longer while I showered (miracle upon miracles), dressed (lookin’ goooood!) packed lunch (healthy), made oatmeal for the 4th grader (the real stuff, too! Made in a pan on the stove! …going for bonus points here) and everyone was dressed and ready for their day by 7 a.m. After buzzing the little tot to the babysitter’s I flew (with my super powers of flight) back home in time to hug, kiss and compliment the 4th grader on her fashion sense ¬†before she got on the bus.

Now came the fun stuff. Wound care. With the help of my trusty super friend (Hi, Mom! We come from a long line of super heroes) we performed a delicate medical procedure on my ailing husband (a couple days out from a week-long hospital stay and major intestinal surgery, the incision was infected). Tweezers! 4X4! Gauze! Tape! Scissors! STAT! And that was just to make a decent cup of coffee. After the wounds were properly unpacked, irrigated, repacked and dressed – it was time to resume my normal, everyday persona and head into rush hour for my commute to work.

I think I have finally embraced my super powers. Whatever planet I came from must be blessed with witty, smart, kind, strong, fun and good-looking people like myself. The burden of all these talents used to make me angry and resentful. I guess that’s where bad guys come from. My nemesis is moody, she’s dark and scary and doesn’t let the kids have fruit snacks for breakfast (the evil bitch). She actually folds all the clothes real nicely but then makes everyone feel bad for not helping with the laundry.

I was chosen to come to this planet and raise this family so that’s what I’ll do, without a chip on my shoulder.

I was contemplating these things on my run last Sunday (yes, I do in fact slow down on purpose so that no one suspects my true identity) and my running partner and I discussed the finer points of how sometimes being willing and capable is a real bummer. How a broad and varied perspective on life can make you feel isolated at times. I began to suspect that he too was hiding a truer identity than that which he projects to the world: mild- mannered newspaper reporter. We were interrupted by the appearance of a man out for a Sunday morning stroll. He was wearing socks, shoes, a hat and nothing else. He carried a thoughtfully positioned gym bag. Without breaking stride or conversational pattern, we exchanged glances and continued on. I guess sometimes it’s really not our job to save the world (from naked strangers) and knowing that – ¬†is a super power all its own.

Be awesome, everyday my Super Friends.